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Should I be a Princess? Children's Book

Should I be a Princess?

Dressing up and fairy tales — it’s a lot of fun! But should Mira really be a princess? This book teaches children to enjoy the magic of make-believe while cherishing the true value of their real life, family, and friends. 

Mira wishes to be a princess. She imagines a grand castle with a huge bedroom, lots of dresses, tea parties, and even her own pony! But then, she starts to think it through. Could it be all she imagined?

Or perhaps a princess’s life is not what it seems.


This colourful picture book supports children’s love of dressing up and the magic of childhood, but most importantly it enables them to remember the best person to be — is exactly who they are! 


ISBN: 979 8 6300 6985 6

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Sample pages: nonconsecutive

Should I be a Princess? Sample pages
Should I be a Princess? Sample pages
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