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A Diamond in the Sky Children's Book

A Diamond in the Sky

Enter the magical world of mermaids! This enchanting fairy tale is poetically written with a heartwarming message for children — you will always shine brightest as yourself.

A light fills the ocean each night on their swim.

A tale of enchantment is told from within.

Kya is a young mermaid, fascinated by a night star. A long time ago, near this enchanted sea, there was a young girl who longed to be a part of the ocean. She admired its beauty and the magical creatures who graced the seashore . . . if only she could be a part of their world.

But she had a lesson to learn — the ones we admire often admire us.

Come beneath the sea to find out how Kya and her friends explore the ocean at night . . .

ISBN: 979 8 6492 3756 7

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A Diamond in the Sky: sample pages
A Diamond in the Sky: sample pages
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