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Little Lion Children's Book

Little Lion

This uplifting and inspirational story about a little lion reaching the top of a very high mountain — despite the negativity that surrounds him — will help children understand the importance and power of self-belief.

Brave Little Leon, alone in the jungle, faces a difficult mountain to climb. The journey will be hard. He is so small; the challenge is SO BIG.

The animals — who don’t know him — doubt him:


"Hello, Little Lion. Your paws are very small.

Surely you can't reach the top. You're barely one foot tall."

But Little Leon believes he can do it . . . 

This important picture book encourages self-confidence and resilience in children, for a world where our surroundings can sometimes be very challenging. Enjoy this heartwarming story with your child and help them understand every step they take — is progress. 

ISBN: 979 8 7202 3130 9

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Little Lion: sample pages
Little Lion: sample pages
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