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Little Lion Books

Little Lion Books is a collection of children's books with colourful illustrations and inspirational messages to encourage well-being in children. The first activity book is due to be released in 2023. 

Children, like little lions, are innocent learners growing inside a wild and noisy world. They are naturally curious and ready to explore. They are built to grow strong — one small step at a time. 


Books are one of the most beautiful steps. They can encourage imagination, hold a hidden message, leave a small impact, or be loud and clear with their lesson. Either way they are rewarding and essential to childhood development. Books grow minds, and little lions need to learn. 

My picture book Little Lion holds the lessons I value the most. I created this story to inspire children to always believe in themselves, ignore the negative voices around them, and encourage them to pursue their goals.


One step at a time. 

One step at a time
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