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I'm going on a Treasure Hunt! Children's Book

I'm going on a Treasure Hunt!

Join the hunt for hidden treasure! This picture book is loads of fun for kids with full-page treasure maps and a LOOK and FIND feature: try to spot Swift — a missing pirate parrot!

At sunny Maracas Beach, Eric is looking for an adventure . . . then he discovers the ultimate quest! This rare find leads him through an anaconda’s lair, dark caves, mountains, and into the heart of a Caribbean jungle! But the adventure doesn’t end there . . . 

Join Eric on his journey, as he bravely faces danger, in search of a buried treasure!


Look out for Swift: A missing pirate parrot is hidden throughout the picture book. This fun feature is a great challenge for children. Kids can try to spot Swift on each page before Eric meets him on his journey (perhaps he’ll join the quest!). The cascading waterfall, deep within the jungle, will be the biggest challenge!

ISBN: 979 8 6807 2961 8

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Sample pages:

I'm going on a Treasure Hunt: sample pages
I'm going on a Treasure Hunt: sample pages
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