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Natasha Brown
Natasha Brown — children's book author and illustrator

I am a mother of four children. I created Little Lion Books after my kids helped me to rediscover a long-forgotten passion for creative writing and art.


This is a little bit about me . . .

I developed a love of drawing from an early age — especially cartoons — no doubt from my childhood obsession with all things Disney. I started writing in my teenage years, but after finishing high school I found myself more interested in ticking off a bucket list of countries than being creative.


I worked for three airlines over twelve years. I spent a few of those years in Dubai as a flight attendant and finally cured my persistent travel bug. At this stage I had already met my husband, from Trinidad, and I returned to Australia in 2009 where we now live. 


We have a daughter and three sons. Motherhood was not what I expected and everything I needed. My most important and rewarding role is being a mother, and through teaching my kids I became creative again. I was 36 and pregnant with my fourth child when I knew I wanted to write children’s books. The idea to illustrate them came later, even though I had not produced a drawing in almost 20 years. It didn’t matter — I believed I could do it, and I was determined to start. 


The next four years were hard as I learnt and developed myself during an incredibly busy time. I had a strict 4 am schedule — some days earlier. 


I published my first five picture books in August 2021, and I am currently working on a collection of colouring and activity books with the first to be released in 2023. 


I wrote the story Little Lion to help share an important message with children that even us adults sometimes forget — always believe in yourself and never give up.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators 

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